Gingerbread Cookie Foxes with Traditional Royal Icing

With warm spices, dark molasses, and only a handful of simple ingredients, these delightful gingerbread cookie foxes are chewy on the outside and soft on the inside. A bit of traditional royal icing adds the right amount of sweetness and a beautiful, easily accomplished decoration.

Dark Ale & Bitter Chocolate Pretzel Knots

With dark cocoa, bittersweet chocolate morsels, and a hearty bottle of stout beer, these homemade soft pretzel knots make for a savory treat with just a touch of sweetness.

Filled with salted caramel and decorated with full moons, these chocolate layer cakes are the perfect sweet treat for celebrating Wolfenoot on November 23rd! | #wolfenoot #wolfspirit #chocolate #moon

Wolfenoot Chocolate Layer Cakes with Full Moons & Caramel Filling

Lunar-inspired cakes are essential to any #Wolfenoot feast! With layers of rich brownie, salted caramel filling, and a fondant icing as dark as the night sky, these delicious chocolate layer cakes are the perfect sweet treat for celebrating the Spirit of the Wolf on November 23rd!

Thymeline 43 - METATOPIA! |

Thymeline 43: METATOPIA 2018

Featuring METATOPIA 2018: the Game Design Festival, this week’s Thymeline focuses on a full weekend of networking with game designers, play-testing new projects, and consulting on fictional food and cultural touchstones!

Patreon Launch! |

Patreon Launch!

I’m very excited to announce that Feast In Thyme now has a Patreon page!