Thymeline | January 2021 (featuring My Subscription Box Obsession)

Welcome to a Thymeline Special Edition, featuring my favorite subscription
boxes to fill your closet, pantry, and library!

[Disclaimer: This post contains referral & affiliate links, and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products I believe in and all thoughts and opinions are my own.]

My Subscription Box Obsession:

I don’t know what it is, but for the last two months I’ve been utterly obsessed with subscription boxes. A lot of them had amazing deals over the winter for your first box, and I’m a sucker for promo codes. I’m going to share some of my favorites in this post, along with my personal referral links – if you click through and get a box for yourself, we both get something special! Can’t beat that, right?

For Your Wardrobe:

My peak madness came in the form of clothing box subscriptions – I mean, who doesn’t love a good style quiz, right? All the boxes below have a small styling fee that gets applied to what you keep (sometimes waived with a promocode), and shipping and returns are free and simple. Many referral codes even give us both free credits if you make a purchase.

  • Wantable: Wantable calls their different themed boxes ‘Edits,’ and so far I’ve tried both a Style Edit (Casual/Weekday Wear) and a special edition Fit & Fab Active Edit (Athleisure Gear). I’ve so far liked the options from Wantable the most fit and quality wise, but the individual pieces are on the pricier end of things. They even have a Men’s Edit if you’d like more masc items in your life.
  • Stitch Fix: The most well-known, Stitchfix has great deals for first time subscribers, including credit to your first Fix if you use my referral link (sometimes as high as $50)! The longer you are with this service the better they get at picking things out for you. I’ve gotten two boxes so far, and while I haven’t kept much, the dress and sweater I did keep are perfect additions to my wardrobe with fabulous fits.
  • Nordstrom Trunk Club: I really love this Trunk because of its customization options. Once your stylist creates a box, you have 48 hours to review it. You can drop things, swap things, and leave notes. Then your stylist will review your notes and replace items you drop before sending it out. Boxes often include items on sale, so there is a nice variety of price points, too. With my referral code, you will get $50 credit to your box, and I’ll get the same!
  • Goodybox by ThredUp: The most affordable box comes from the amazing online thrift store ThredUp. Pay a low styling fee ($10) that gets applied to whatever you buy (many shirts are only as much as $12), receive a box of 10 items, and return what you don’t keep in 7 days. The best part? A lot of the clothes on ThredUp are seriously discounted pieces from the other subscription boxes, so if you like the brands sold by Wantable or Stich Fix but not the prices, this is the perfect solution. Pick a theme and order one ASAP!
The contents of my Winter 2021 Wantable Fab and Fit Edit – I kept the blue tank and a super comfy tunic hoodie!

For Your Home & Kitchen:

For Your Library (And Resolution to Read More):

  • Book of the Month Club: I’ve become obsessed with reading fiction in the last two months, and the Book of the Month Club was the perfect solution. Costs are very reasonable for beautiful new and advance releases in all sorts of categories!
My first two #BOTM ‘s from the fantasy & YA genres: Things In Jars & Girl, Serpent, Thorn.

Books On My Coffee Table:

  • The Connection by Dana Claire: Do you love sci-fi fantasy adventures, YA romance, and heroic prophecy? Dana Claire’s debut novel came out last month, and the ebook is currently available for less than $3! While I didn’t work on this book, I’ve been working with Dana as a ghost writer on the sequel and on another series she has in the works. If this all sounds up your alley and you have time for a fun read, she would love to some more honest reviews over on Goodreads (she’s trying to hit 100 by the end of the month). Check if out if you feel so inclined:

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