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About Feast In Thyme:

Memorable events – be they a celebration of a holiday or just a simple gathering of friends – are nothing but a moment in time. The next morning, aside from the dishes that need to be done and the tiny remnants of life that remain once everyone has departed, there is rarely something solid to hold on to. Despite all of your hard work and energy, the moment has passed, but if you are lucky and done your job well, the memory of the experience will last a lifetime. This is why I’ve called my site Feast In Thyme – while often a fleeting or mundane thing, the efforts you put into an experience can make an impression that brings comfort and joy to all you entertain. Each moment in time is special, and I think the most important ones should always be celebrated with food.

I also just have a profound love of history and stories about time travel, so I hope to feature “feasts” in all sorts of “thyme” related situations!

Besides that, the goal of this food and entertaining blog is twofold: first, like any work of this kind, I hope to bring you into my world and share my experiences with you. Second, and most importantly, I want to inspire you to bring the entertainment of your friends, family, and colleagues to another level. As often as I can, I will present you with various themes for feasts and events, taken from pop culture, history, various cultures, and holidays, and show you examples of the foods and decor you can use to create the atmosphere that will bring each theme to life. These series of posts will include options to match your budget and level of commitment – be is a small, casual gathering of friends, or a big, elaborate event. You can follow this exactly, or mix and match as you see fit, and I will try to include variations for diverse dietary needs when possible. The details for each theme are suggestions, never rules after all. Mixed between I hope to share my travels, the occasional wayward recipe, and introduce you to my favorite cookbooks. I hope you enjoy what you see, and stick around for the adventure.

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About the Author:

My name is Kristen Muldowney Roberts, and I’ve lived in many places. Growing up in central New Jersey, I attended undergraduate school at Temple University in Philadelphia, where I earned a BA in Global Religious Studies. I then traveled to Florida State University, where I studied Buddhist culture and the Tibetan and Sanskrit languages, earning a Master’s degree in Tibetan Studies. While I’ve always loved entertaining and planning events, this passion became clear to me while working as a Curatorial Associate at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York – a Himalayan art museum – and in 2014 I took a position with the non-profit conservation organization Panthera as Donor Relations and Special Events Manager in their Development department. In my limited free time between learning the ropes of fundraising, I discovered I not only love to entertain, I love to experiment with new recipes and to preserve the season with homemade jams and pickles. Today, I work to combine my well-honed research skills and love of culture and history with my expertise in event planning in order to engineer unique and exciting events and menus. When I’m not working, I spend as much time as possible enjoying the company of my friends, visiting restaurants, and spending quality time with my husband Sam and two cats, Midna and Namkha.


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