Thymeline 42 | Halloween 2018 Edition |

Thymeline 42 – Halloween 2018 Edition

Fall officially begins; horrors of the deep sea; Wolfenoot 2018, & the best Halloween releases this year in today’s very special edition of Thymeline!

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After weeks of indecision, it looks like fall has finally fallen (to quote my Sam). Aside from everything getting darker earlier (impeding my food photography schedule), I can’t say that I mind the cooler weather. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer and trips to the beach more than I can adequately describe. But it feels like its time to wrap ourselves up in soft sweaters and enjoy the foods of the season.

In honor of one of my favorite holidays, I’m dedicating today’s Thymeline to all things Halloween and Falltober. Let’s dig out our warm blankets, settle in, and watch a lot of bad horror on Netflix.

Kraken, Cthulhu, & Caviar – Oh My!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my own chosen theme of the season, and shared my Kraken Pot Pies and Under the Scarlet Sea Bourbon Punch (the latter made with this DIY Earl Grey Bourbon that is super easy to make).

Inspired by one part sea monsters (my favorite monsters), one part H.P. Lovecraft (my current literary obsession), and one part Enchantment Under the Sea Dance (yes, that’s a Back to the Future reference right there), I couldn’t help but conjure up a creepily decadent dinner featuring the horrors of the deep. My only regret is that I was only able to get two of the recipes finalized this month. Fear not though – I highly doubt this is the last time I’ll be inspired to delve into these waters (get it??)

For some more Halloween inspo, definitely check out my posts on the perfect creepy cheese board, these beautifully delicious Moss-Covered Chocolate Bundt Cakes, and lists of amazing gothic cocktails and spooktacular party foods.

Looking for a touch of the dramatic this October? Use these tips and tricks to put together a deceivingly creepy Halloween Cheese Board, and impress your guests with a macabre twist on a crowd-pleasing classic. |


Wolfenoot 2018 

Have you heard about the new holiday taking the internet by storm? Created by an illustrious seven-year-old and put out on social media by his father, Wolfenoot is a celebration of the wolf spirit, to be held Wolfenoot will take place on the first full moon after Thanksgiving (this year it’s Black Friday, November 23). Best I just share the original post by Jax Gross:

Wolfenoot 2018 explanation

I know I’ll be making up some full moon mini cakes for the occasion – what about you? How will you celebrate this new incredible holiday?


‘Tis The Season

I haven’t bought much in the way of Halloween merch or decor this year – I seriously need to cut back on my accumulation of “stuff” – but I couldn’t resist this special new design from one of the artists I follow on Instagram. 

Thymeline 42 | Halloween 2018 Edition |

Faunwood released a fox design in her creepy signature style and the high school goth in me had to have it. I love this Vulpes Vulpes design, and I highly encourage you check out her work if you’re a pin junkie.


Anyway, from the most delicious looking recipes to some special spooky food releases, here are a few ways to embrace autumn this year:

And don’t miss these special Halloween food releases (if you dare to risk it?):

  • The Nightmare Burger definitely looks like its name.  
  • Starbucks Japan released special Halloween Witch and Princess Frappuccinos this week, but we’re still waiting on the US special release. What will follow-up the (admittedly disappointing) Zombie Frappucino of 2017? 
  • I seriously love me some Count Chocula, and all the monster cereals are available on Amazon if you feel the same.  
  • Dunkin Donuts renamed their whole menu to a Halloween theme (which seems a little extreme), but I still really want a spider donut.

Are there any Halloween releases, recipes, or special merchandise you are excited about? I’d love to see them in the comments!

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