Super Bowl Sunday | Party Prep Round-Up

Super Bowl Sunday | Party Prep Round-Up

There is less than a week to go until Super Bowl Sunday. Your guests are invited. Your shopping list is ready. You’ve picked up your home (as much as you care to). What’s left?

It’s easy to forget the little things in the midst of planning a party, so to help with your event prep, I pulled together some ideas and must-haves. Super Bowl parties are often casual, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you already need to get things like disposable plates, cups, and tablecloths anyway though, why not add some themed touches to take yours to the next level? No matter who you are rooting for, the supplies below will help you round-out any party you have planned for gameday. You still have time to order online or check out your local store for something similar, so take a look – Maybe something will be perfect to add that extra special touch or make your life a little easier this Super Bowl Sunday.

First things first – color scheme: I like to go with a pretty classic combination of green, white and black for the Super Bowl – green and white for the field, and black and white for the referee uniforms. Gold or silver can also be a nice touch. Unlike going with team colors, using neutral decor also means you can reuse things next year, no matter who is playing. But if you are lucky enough to have your team in the game, by all means show off your spirit and use those colors everywhere!

*Quick disclaimer* Unless I say otherwise, I can’t personally vouch for everything below, but due to their reviews and price I’d pick any of them up if I was in the market for something like it. Consider these informed suggestions and please do your own due diligence on anything you purchase. Further, please note that this post contains affiliate links, and I will earn a commission if you purchase through these links. I recommend products because I find them interesting or helpful, and all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


Super Bowl Party Cooking Tools:

Hamilton Beach Set ‘n Forget Programmable Slow Cooker (6-Quart): Okay, this one I absolutely CAN vouch for. I love this slow cooker. The insert is ceramic and you can put it in the dishwasher. The lid can be secured to the base and it has a sturdy handle for transport to potlucks. We got this one by chance, but when I did research for a new one for my mom last Christmas, this model came out on top for our requirements. If you are looking for a slow cooker (or need a second one that is good for travel), this is a great buy at a very reasonable price. **Update: I just noticed the slow cooker pictured above is currently out of stock, so I updated the link to a slightly newer model with even better reviews than mine and most of the same features. Sorry for any confusion!**

Green Cupcake Liners (40 count): If cupcakes are in your game plan, these are a lovely green that contrast perfectly against a chocolate cake or frosting. I plan to use a set for our Super Bowl party this weekend, and I absolutely love the shade of green!

Football Cookie Cutter: Quick and easy way to stay on theme – Multiple sizes available.

Football Cake Pan: Wilton is known for well-made baking supplies, so I can’t imagine this to be any different. The cakes look on the small side, but are super cute.


Super Bowl Party Entertaining Supplies:

Black and White Striped Straws and Cups: These black and white striped straws and cups look great and call the mind the referee. They add a nice touch to your table (and your photos!).

Reusable Vinyl Tablecloth: I ordered this tablecloth for our party because it was comparable in price to the disposable ones. It seemed worth a shot. I’m happy to say that I love it. It’s a little thin and the pattern is a bit busier than I’d usually like, but it does the job. Time will tell how it holds up to stains, but for now I’m happy to have it protecting my table.

Disposable Table Covers:  There are a lot of these on Amazon – look for the vendor with the best price! Assuming the quality is on par with other disposable covers, these would be great if you are entertaining a crowd and have to cover a lot of surfaces.

Eco-Friendly Paper Plates: Good price, good color, and respectable reviews. Available in various shapes and sizes.

Bamboo Cocktail Picks: Bamboo cocktail picks are simple and bio-degradable. They also go with any decor (and therefore extras can be used at later parties). I love the simplicity of these and ordered a huge pack for future use.

Football Toothpicks:  Perfect if you want to add a little extra kitsch.

Cocktail Napkins (Assorted Colors): It’s a small thing, but color-coordinated cocktail napkins can add a nice touch for little to no extra cost if you already plan on purchasing disposable napkins. Choose a color that will be reusable at a future event if you buy a large quantity – I went with green to match the table cloths.

Metal Beverage Tubs: One of those entertaining items I don’t yet have (but will eventually need to buy myself) is a good beverage tub. It’s a must if you serve a lot of bottled or canned drinks and don’t want everyone going in and out of the fridge. While particularly great for an outdoor event, you can still make one of these work indoors (just make sure to put a towel or mat under it in case of drips or splashing). In a quick search, I like this one on Amazon, and this one from Crate and Barrel as possibilities.

Gold Pennant Banners: Reviews note that these are on the small side, but if you want to add an extra touch, I think they look lovely. The gold and champagne versions would look nice hung around at a variety of events, including your Super Bowl party.


Lastly, if you still need recipes, check out these Super Bowl appropriate snack recipes I’ve posted – all are sure to be big hits!

Hawaiian Beef Sliders with Bacon, Pineapple & Candied Jalapeno
Giant Baked Hot Wings with Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing
Pretzel Pastry Pigs with Hard Cider Cheddar Cheese Sauce


I hope this list is helpful for your last-minute planning. Are there any products or items you feel is a must for your gameday parties? Let me know in the comments!


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