Thymeline | September 2020

Welcome to Thymeline – a monthly feature to share recipe suggestions, interesting reads, and other updates to check out from across the web.

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I know, it’s been a little while.

This summer has been a little crazy, what with buying our first house (yay!) and all the stress that comes with moving and settling in, coupled with the general challenges of 2020’s new Covid-19 reality. Because of all this, I’ve had to divert my focus from the blog for a bit. If I’m honest, its been a little hard over here. Every major appliance or furniture delivery has had some complication, and most recently, a series of unfortunate events have left me without an oven since early August. This was a major set-back, and as soon as I recovered from the initial stress of having to completely revise my recipe plans for the foreseeable future (there was a lot of baking involved), I was struck with nerve pain that has been keeping me from sitting at a computer, let alone walking around and taking photos. I’m hoping as I type this that I’m on the mend, and I have lots of slow cooker, pressure cooker, and air fryer recipes in the works for you soon. Here’s to hoping!

But enough about me. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting things going on out there in the world of food and drink.

News & Inspiration:

Eye-Catching Recipes:

  • I’m seriously craving this homemade orange chicken – maybe I can figure out an air fryer version….
  • I whipped up a batch of pina colada sangria this weekend and it was a hit.
  • Whipped ricotta? Pineapple? TOAST?? Sign me up for this breakfast.
  • Without an oven, making my own FODMAP friendly marinara sauce has been off the table, but thankfully Fody Foods is making a jar marinara sauce I can safely eat! Thank goodness, because I am obsessed with making mini pizzas in my air fryer.
  • Not a recipe, but if you are a pumpkin spice aficionado like me, I urge you to pick up Bones Coffee’s Jacked O Lantern blend. With strong notes of cinnamon, cloves, and everything nice, this medium blend has stolen my fall-weather heart.

Books On My Coffee Table:

Currently Streaming:

  • Sour Grapes (2016) – an American crime documentary on the wine fraudster Rudy Kurniawan (currently on Netflix)
  • Lucifer – After years of Sam watching the series on his own, I’m finally catching up. Despite the formulaic nature and the often cheesy dialogue, it’s been incredibly fun to watch and I love the characters.

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