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Thymeline 33

A small achievement, a delicious winery, and a whole pile of new links in today’s return of Thymeline!

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Hi friends! Apologies that it’s been a little while since I last checked in.

In most recent news, I submitted my first Buzzfeed article last week, and on Sunday it was promoted to the Community Front Page! Not a huge thing, but it still makes me pretty happy. I love Halloween specific recipes, and if you need some ideas for your upcoming celebrations, I hope you’ll check out the round-up I pulled together – 25 Stunning Recipes for a Classy and Stylish Halloween Party!

I included my recipes for A Creepy Cheeseboard and Mini Bourbon Dark Chocolate Cakes with Matcha Pistachio Moss, alongside a number of other lovely ideas from up and coming bloggers.


A Wedding at Four Sisters Winery

Two weekends ago I had the pleasure of celebrating the marriage ceremony of two longtime friends. The setting was the Four Sisters Winery in Belvidere, New Jersey. Both the wedding and the scenery were beautiful! Amid setting things up and making sure everything was prepared and ready, Sam and I had the chance to partake in a tasting of their vast selection of wines. Everything was delicious! I’m more a liquor girl these days, but we still left with four bottles of our favorites, and limiting ourselves was not an easy task. This was certainly no surprise – my friend has fantastic taste – but it was a pleasure. If you like sweeter wines, it’s definitely a place to check out.

Thymeline 33: Four Sisters Winery |


My Current Obsessions:

Currently Watching: Mindhunter on Netflix – If you like true crime and the history of psychological profiling, you should check it out.

Currently Reading: Cherry Bombe: The Cookbook by Kerry Diamond and Claudia Wu

Currently Listening: The Cracked Movie Club Podcast with Abe Epperson and Tom Reimann

Currently Eating: A variation on my stuffed acorn squash recipe – perfect time of year for it!


And now, some links!

Until next time, cheers!

Thymeline 33: Four Sisters Winery |

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  1. That is such a cute cozy wedding ceremony!! 😀 ..and yes momo’s are most definitely the best dumplings ever – EVER. haha 😀 and thanks for the recommendation for the book! I’ve been looking for a good read for a while now! 😀

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