Thymeline 26 | Feast In Thyme

Thymeline 26

Rushing to complete summer bucket lists and making lots of apricot jam in this short little edition of Thymeline.


It’s completely cliché, but I honestly and truly cannot believe it’s already August. There are so many beach days I still need to fit in! I haven’t even gotten to have a full beach picnic yet this year.

Four more weeks left for us all to complete our summer bucket lists – how are you doing? I’m going to be honest and say I’m behind, but hopefully I can catch up a bit. One thing was to make apricot jam this month. Last year, the season was short and I only made two small batches. Of course, Sam discovered it was his favorite type of jam, so this year I’m stocking up. Last week, I made a tried and true staple recipe for apricot rosemary (like the one used in this pork loin recipe). This week, we’ll try for something a little different. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thymeline 26 | Feast In Thyme

Oh, and did you notice that lovely bowl holding the apricots? It came to me as a gift courtesy of Maglyn’s Dream, a shop in New Paltz, New York that specializes in handmade artisan gifts from local and North American artists. This particular piece was made by Rachel with Deep Earth Pottery. I absolutely love it and expect to use it often in my food photography!

Now with expediency in mind, let’s jump right into the links!

Good luck on your summer bucket lists – Cheers!


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