Thymeline 22 |

Thymeline 22

It’s a special edition of Thymeline – I’m reporting in from Utah!

Knowing my schedule would possibly be all over the place this week, I decided to switch things up and posted a cocktail recipe on Monday instead of the usual Thymeline post. Sam is competing in the USA National Championships for fencing in Salt Lake City and I’m here to cheer him on. We also have family out here to visit with, which is a great coincidence. Of course, I have hopes of indulging in the local food scene and getting a first hand look at the incredibly particular state liquor laws while I’m here, but for now the focus is settling in and the tournament. Not much to report yet, but I’m sure I’ll be posting up any interesting finds on the @FeastInThyme Instagram if you want to follow my adventures!

On the home front, I made some really interesting cherry rosemary preserves last weekend (hence the cover photo). They’ll go beautifully with cheese or as a marinade for something roasted in the oven. I’m thinking a sheet-pan chicken thigh recipe might be in their future. We’ll see.

Anyway, that’s all I have for now. Without further ado, the links!


Thymeline 22 |

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