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Thymeline 19

Summer vacations and busy schedules, delicious beach sandwiches, Father’s Day celebrations, and Boston Cream Pie in this edition of Thymeline.


Summer Vacations

Where is this year going? We’ve already got summer weather in Delaware and Father’s Day is here this weekend.

On my end, the next couple of months are pretty backed with things. A trip to Utah, camping with friends, bridal showers and bachelorette parties…all good but leaving me well-scheduled. Not wanting to miss out, I’m looking ahead to carve out time to spend at the beach as much as I can.

I seriously love the ocean. I don’t even have to go in. I just want to sit on the beach on a giant blanket, read a book, chat with friends, and eat too much food. I’m even just happy hanging out at a bar on the boardwalk in sight of the beach. I want to do this all the time. Despite moving all the way to another state, it’s looking like my favorite Jersey Shore beach (Asbury Park, where Sam and I got married) is not much further from us than the closest Delaware beach. I need to get on scheduling some time to get out there, with Sam or anyone else I can convince to travel on a weekday. I’m even practicing my infamously good picnic sandwiches for the occasion:

Thymeline 19 | Feast In Thyme

How’s your summer looking? Any fun plans or summer vacations? I’ve been out of school for years, but summer still feels special – a kind of liminal space-time between the more serious seasons of spring and fall. It’s the time to do things in good weather. Even more so, it’s time to remind yourself to take a breath and actually enjoy them in the moment. I definitely have to get better at that second part.


Father’s Day Celebrations

My dad is pretty spectacular. He’s always been there, going out of his way to do anything or drive anywhere when I’ve needed him. We share loves of history and science fiction, and together we could likely both quote all of the Back to the Future movies as well as give you an education on all the details of what went on behind the scenes. He drove me to my first comic book convention in Chicago when I was a teenager; traveled to and from Florida with me the summers between my graduate school classes; and even if I don’t know if he’s always understood some of my choices with regard to my liberal arts education and career, he’s always supported my choices.

Wanting to make a recipe for him for Father’s Day, I experimented with one of his favorite desserts last week – Boston Cream Pie. I’m still perfecting the recipe components, but I surprised him last week with the first attempt at these Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes when I went home for a visit. They were a hit. Even my mom, who doesn’t eat a lot of sweets, devoured nearly a whole jumbo-sized cupcake herself, so I think I’m on the right track with this dessert.

Thymeline 19 | Feast In Thyme

Looking for some delicious recipes you can serve up this Sunday for your own Father’s Day get-together? Large Batch Whiskey Sours are a tradition for family gatherings in my house (and a favorite of my grandfather’s). For a main course, Hawaiian Beef Sliders or Beer Braised Slow Cooker Barbeque Pulled Pork are easy to make and serve to a crowd!

Hawaiian Beef Sliders with Bacon, Pineapple & Candied Jalapeno | Feast In Thyme


Hope everyone out there is having a good start to the week, and if not, may things improve quickly, Now, the links:


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  1. I love summer time! I’ll be going to the cottage soon and I’m loving your list of recipes! 🙂 I will definitely taking your advice on yums and be making some awesome yums that week. <3 and WOW I want one of those boston cream pie cupcakes! :O

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