Feasting in Sobukand | The Fictional Foods of Lost Colonies

Enjoy an extravagant feast with this collection of fictional food recipes from Sobukand and the world of Lost Colonies.

[Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Torakand Adventures LLC and is part of a series of recipes developed for the fictional fantasy setting of Lost Colonies, an immersive live-action roleplaying community in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area.]

Over the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with the game design team behind Lost Colonies, an immersive live-action roleplaying game based in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area.  Together, we’ve brainstormed the types of cuisine that might be found throughout the fictional land of Sobukand in an effort to help players breathe life into their characters through food. The world of the game is an original fantasy-based setting, and players take on the roles of explorers traveling to a newly discovered continent, bringing the traditions of their homelands with them in the building of a new community.

For my part, I have taken on my own persona in the world of Lost ColoniesDonla Pheinkuk, a renowned travel writer with a love of exploring new food and delicious recipes (an acting stretch for me, I know). With every recipe I include an excerpt written from Donla’s perspective, allowing her to act as a gateway into the lives of Sobukand.

Now that we have created a recipe for each of the major regions of Sobukand, we thought it was time to pull them together into one comprehensive round-up!

Feasting in Sobukand

Sobukand consists of nine major regional territories, each with their own distinct cultural practices, climate, agriculture, and wild life. Some territories are bastions of trade for the Empire, while others are sequestered between harsh terrain and meandering mountain ranges. Land-locked or coastal, plains or swamps, from the deepest caverns of Terradinum to the highest peaks of the Sorjfell mountain range, people not only rely on food to survive, but to celebrate.


With its lush, tropical rainforests, the inspiration for Teyen cuisine reflects the warm island and coastal environments of South America, South India, and the Caribbean islands. This particular recipe for a Mango Coconut Drink with Lime and Cardamom is a twist on a traditional Indian lassi.

Spiced Mango Coconut Drink


Due to its size, Feldland is one of the most ecologically diverse regions in Sobukand. To the north towards the Dunbar Mountains and Holthar, it is hot and humid; to the south near the Sorfjell Mountains, Ostsorjund, and Ziel, it is cold and damp. Something of a bread basket with a plethora of grains, I was inspired to create a beer-based glaze for Coffee Rubbed Roast Chicken recipe

Coffee Rubbed Roast Chicken with Honey Stout Glaze


The steppes and peat bogs of Sorjund are harsh and cold throughout most of the year, and the hearty diets of its people rely heavily on meats from herd animals and fish off the coastline. Culturally and geographically, the region resembles an amalgamation of ancient Norway and Scandinavia, as well as the steppes of northern Russia and Mongolia. This recipe for Dark Ale & Bitter Chocolate Solstice Buns was born from researching similar holiday traditions of “knotted breads” from these regions.

Dark Ale & Bitter Chocolate Solstice Buns


Life on a ship requires a certain kind of diet. The people of Ziel form a seafaring culture spread over a collection of ports. This Twice-Baked Journeyman Bread is a whimsical (and far tastier) take on historic hard tack, which could sustain early sailors on long voyages once fresh supplies ran out. Made with a variety of nuts and seeds, these bread crisps are a protein-rich addition to any picnic of dried fruits and hard cheese.

Twice-Baked Journeyman Bread


While many of the regions of Sobukand can be compared to those in the real world, the subterranean kingdom of Terradinum is undoubtedly the most unique and alien of these fictional cultures. Mushrooms, root vegetables, and a species of giant worm – known as an ubuk – make up the diet of Terradinum, allowing for some creativity in the recipe development process. Rather than treat the diet as a means of shock value or disgust, this Pan Seared “Ubuk” Steak with a Glowberry Reduction is a non-traditional twist on a classic steak dinner most can relate to.  

Pan Seared Ubuk Steak with Glowberry Reduction

Bidawa Hadir

A desert island off the northeast coast of Sobukand, Bidawa Hadia has only one established port city known as Oasis. As a hub of trade and a bustling marketplace, I created coconut crab tallies as a riff on popular street foods found throughout the world, with inspiration from recipes for Middle Eastern falafel fused with Central American and South Indian flavors. Of all the fictional foods I’ve created, the “lore” around why these crab bites are known as tallies is probably one of my favorites.

Coconut Crab Tallies

Kairn Handia

Nestled between the rocky slopes of the Sorjfell Mountains, Kairn Handia stands as the one and only city in this harsh and sparsely populated region. Goats and sheep would be popular herd animals in such mountainous terrain, just as they are in Tibet, Nepal, and the Scottish Highlands. As for foraged fruits and vegetables, root vegetables and bramble berries – like blackberries and raspberries – are good at surviving in even poor soil, and are used to round out this celebratory dish of Whiskey Braised Lamb.

Whiskey Braised Lamb with Bramble Berry Gravy


With a name linked to the island of Liber’s first governor, D’Leon Cakes are festive desserts made with honey, fruit syrups, and a buttercream frosting. Hibiscus flowers and passionfruit syrup give this recipe for otherwise traditional cupcakes a tropical touch appropriate for this region of Sobukand.

Hibiscus & Passionfruit D’Leon Cakes


Located in the northwestern corner of Sobukand, Holthar is mostly covered by the Great Forest, with the capital Goronwy Glen at its center. Culturally, the region resembles early Colonial America and late Medieval Europe, lending inspiration to this savory hand pie filled with fresh herbs, minced beef, sharp cheddar cheese, and tart dried cherries.

Goronwy Glen Cutter’s Pies

Close-up of a Beef, Bacon & Cheese Hand Pie, with a blue napkin and pewter mug in the background. | FeastInThyme.com

Looking Forward

Want to see more fictional food straight out of Sobukand? Keep an eye out for future recipes and sneak peeks, here and through the Lost Colonies Facebook and Patreon pages!

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