Earl Grey Tea Infused Bourbon | DIY Gift Tutorial

Making your own Tea Infused Bourbon is a simple & quick DIY gift idea! Impress friends & family & enjoy the delicate flavors of Earl Grey black tea in your own craft whiskey cocktails. 

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Earl Grey Tea Infused Bourbon. Sounds beautifully sophisticated, right?

For many,  the words should evoke the delicate flavors of black tea and oil of bergamot, perhaps a bit of lavender and lemon, and the sweet caramel notes of a good craft bourbon. I fell in love with the idea after sampling this beautiful craft cocktail in Asbury Park, and knew I had to give infusing a try. Little did I know that something that sounds so special could be so easy to make!

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A bottle of whisky and two swing-top bottles in the background with a jar of bourbon being infused with tea in the foreground.

A small swing top of bottle of tea infused bourbon next to an unused sachet of tea.

Earl Grey Tea Infused Bourbon

Unlike making your own vanilla extract or infusing vodka for limoncello, it only takes a couple of days to infuse a few cups of bourbon with Earl Grey black tea. The steps are so easy the recipe below seems like a cop out – 1) purchase your preferred brand of middle-shelf bourbon whiskey; 2) infuse one sachet of tea to two cups bourbon in a jar for 2-3 days; 3) transfer to airtight bottles and store as you would any whiskey. Seriously. It’s that quick and simple!

Earl Grey Tea Infused Bourbon can be used in any of your favorite whiskey drinks for a subtle new twist on the traditional flavors. Make a bourbon smash with muddled berries and mint for a fruity drink, or use it in a traditional Whiskey Sour or Old Fashioned cocktail. If you still need inspiration, an Earl Grey Manhattan is a smooth, classy way to impress your guests (link coming soon).

I recommend using multiple eight-ounce swing top bottles for easy gifting, but well sealed jars would work too.

An Earl Grey Manhattan in front of a bottle of tea infused bourbon on a wooden platform.


Edible Gifts are the Best Gifts

I love giving (and receiving) thoughtful homemade gifts. Making your own Early Grey Tea Infused Bourbon is an easy way to go that little bit further for the whiskey fans in your life. And it doesn’t have to end there. Round out your sample bottles of Earl Grey Tea Infused Bourbon with an extra few items to create the perfect craft cocktail gift basket. You can make it small and thoughtful, or go all out and curate a full cocktail kit. It’s entirely up to you and your budget.

Curating the Perfect Gift Basket

With only two or three items, an Old Fashioned Travel Set is perfect as a small hosting gift, and even better for those times when you need to give a number of people similar gifts on a budget (wedding party favors come to mind). Pair an eight-ounce bottle of homemade Earl Grey Tea Infused Bourbon with a few inexpensive additions:

If you have a larger budget or want to go with something more elaborate, pulling together a Cocktail Connoisseur’s Kit is always a possibility. Add any number of the below items to expand the gift into something even more special: 

You can even include a copy of an easy cocktail recipe printable (link coming soon) to go along with the gift. Pile everything into a wooden crate or gift basket from a home goods store and tie things off with a bow. I promise you’ll look like a regular Martha Stewart come gift-giving season.


Impress your friends and loved ones by making your own homemade Earl Grey Tea Infused Bourbon for your next event, or gift small bottles to your favorite people, either alone or in edible gift baskets. Once you see how easy infusing your own liquor is, you’ll be excited to experiment with new and different combinations!

A jar of bourbon with a sachet of tea infusing inside.

Earl Grey Tea Infused Bourbon

Learn how to make your own homemade Earl Grey Tea Infused Bourbon with this quick & easy tutorial! Impress friends & family with unique specialty cocktails and DIY gift bottles of this lovely flavored whiskey. 
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Infusing Time 2 days
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Drinks, infusions
Cuisine American
Servings 2 cups



  • Pour the bourbon whiskey into the quart size jar. Hang the tea bag into the jar, draping the string over the lip and securing it in place with the lid (if your tea bag has no string, just drop it into the bourbon).
  • Let the tea infuse with the bourbon for 48 hours, stored in a cool, dark place.
  • Taste the bourbon. The infusion of tea should mellow out some of the harshness of the whiskey and leave a nice aroma, but don’t be surprised if you can’t exactly identify the flavor of tea if you aren’t an experienced taste tester. As long as you like the flavor, strain the Earl Grey Tea Infused Bourbon into airtight bottles and store in a cool dark place until use. If you think the bourbon needs more time, infuse for another 6-12 hours, checking occasionally.


Choosing Your Whiskey: For infusions, I recommend purchasing a mild bourbon whiskey you (or your gift recipient) like the taste of. It should be drinkable, but not anything particular special or expensive. For my experiments, I used Maker’s Mark (it was on sale!), but Bulliet or anything in a similar price range would be just fine. Just avoid anything truly on the bottom shelf or that already has special flavoring added (unless you want to experiment).
Choosing Your Tea: I used Twinning’s Earl Grey Tea with Lavender for my infusions, as I love the aroma. The better tea you use, I’m sure the nicer taste you will get, but I dislike using top quality tea when I know it will be diluted by the liquor. Use the quality your budget allows – or whatever you already love in your kitchen.
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