Coconut Chickpea Crab Bites in Endive Cups (Gluten-Free)

Inspired by ancient market places and seaside trading posts, these Coconut Chickpea Crab Bites are pan fried and topped with a Minty Avocado Crema and Spicy Mango Salsa, making them a delicious, gluten free twist on traditional street foods found throughout the world.

Dark Ale & Bitter Chocolate Pretzel Knots

With dark cocoa, bittersweet chocolate morsels, and a hearty bottle of stout beer, these homemade soft pretzel knots make for a savory treat with just a touch of sweetness.

Inspired by Old World recipes, these savory Minced Beef, Bacon & Cheese Hand Pies are rich with sharp cheddar, dried cherries, and fresh thyme and tarragon for a delicious addition to any picnic or potluck. #handpie #pie #pastry #larp #picnic |

Savory Minced Beef, Bacon & Cheese Hand Pies

Inspired by Medieval European recipes, these Savory Minced Beef, Bacon & Cheese Hand Pies are a uniquely delicious addition to your picnic or potluck. Well-seasoned beef, salty bacon, tart dried cherries, fresh thyme & tarragon, & sharp cheddar cheese are wrapped up in individual servings of buttery pastry for a rich meal that tastes out of this world.