Thymeline 06 | Feast In Thyme

Thymeline 06

I’ve had an unusually busy weekend! First, a friend I haven’t seen in a while came over and helped me with a new spring pasta recipe. It was delicious, and even vegetarian – which I know I don’t often feature on this site. It was great spending time with her. Here’s a sneak peek: Then, being the nerd that I am, a few friends and I started a new tabletop campaign on Sunday, and played for something like eight or nine hours. I haven’t played Dungeons & Dragons since college I think, so I’m incredibly rusty, but it was a […]

Salt Preserved Lemons | Feast In Thyme

Thymeline 04

I have so much I want to talk about this week, but I’ll try not to go overboard. On the personal side, I finally preserved some citrus! If you’ve never had Salt Preserved Meyer Lemons before, they are a really funky, bright addition to sauces, salads, pastas, and whatever else you can think of. A little goes far. They have a long history and have a strong cult following, although I will admit I’m still figuring out how best to utilize them. More on that in the future. Oh, the Oscars last night. I hadn’t planned to watch, but really enjoyed […]

Spicy Jalapeno Pineapple Margarita | Feast In Thyme

Thymeline 03

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Forgive me for a lack of recipe posts last week. I’ve been a bit behind, and my standards for what I post are pretty high. I’ve been accumulating some one-shot recipe posts complete with testing and photographs though – you can look forward to some good recipes in the coming weeks. It’s just been slow going as I continue to rest up and heal. Things are looking up though, and hopefully I’ll be back to my ideal schedule by end of March. That’s my goal anyway! Here’s a taste of what I’ve been working on: […]

Thymeline 02 | Feast In Thyme

Thymeline 02

This week was pretty rough in our household. I’ll spare you the details, but between my knee injury continuing to keep me off my feet and both Sam and I coming down with the flu one after the other, it hasn’t been easy. I’m still recovering, but I managed to come out of my illness haze long enough to pull together some links for you. Hope you enjoy, and have a great (and healthy) Valentine’s Day tomorrow – we can all use the excuse to spread some love.   Speaking of the holiday, I found The Dark Origins of Valentine’s Day amusing and […]

Thymeline 01 | Feast In Thyme

Thymeline 01

Welcome to Thymeline, a new semi-weekly series where I post updates on my life and goings-on and a list of my favorite links from around the web. I always run into things I’d like to share, so I figure this is the best way to do it! *** Like much of the country, yesterday we celebrated Super Bowl Sunday! It was our very first tiny get-together in the new apartment, and my husband and I have been looking forward to it for months. We briefly debated cancelling after my knee injury, but we decided to go through with it. We knew the small […]