Thymeline 11 | Feast In Thyme

Thymeline 11

After a rewarding but exhausting weekend with friends, I don’t have much to say today. While my knee is healing and doing much better, another chronic health issue has flared up in its stead. When I’m not visiting physical therapists, specialists, or getting lab tests lately, I’m just working on recipes as much as possible. In addition to testing out cookbooks, I’ve been working on perfecting some of my own everyday recipes, like this Spicy Shrimp Udon. It’s as delicious as it looks, promise. I love that I can spend my time with food everyday, but I will say it was nice […]

Thymeline 07 | Feast In Thyme

Thymeline 07

Today: A new obsession with homemade iced coffee with minty syrup, delicious cheddar biscuits and blueberry muffins baked on a whim, a sneaky cat, and lots of links.

Thymeline 06 | Feast In Thyme

Thymeline 06

I’ve had an unusually busy weekend! First, a friend I haven’t seen in a while came over and helped me with a new spring pasta recipe. It was delicious, and even vegetarian – which I know I don’t often feature on this site. It was great spending time with her. Here’s a sneak peek: Then, being the nerd that I am, a few friends and I started a new tabletop campaign on Sunday, and played for something like eight or nine hours. I haven’t played Dungeons & Dragons since college I think, so I’m incredibly rusty, but it was a […]