Thymeline 36: A Special Holiday Edition |

Thymeline 36: Special Holiday Edition

Holiday season is in full swing, and the New Year is just around the corner. Find tips for throwing a fabulously festive party, amazing recipes for drinks, appetizers, & desserts, and some gift ideas I love in today’s special holiday edition of Thymeline!

2016 Holiday Cookie Update | Feast In Thyme

2016 Holiday Cookie Update!

Every year, I end up making a lot of cookies for the holidays. I separate them out into little clear treat bags, tie them up with ribbons, and add them to gift baskets, boxes, and bags. This year (with the move), I told myself I’d refrain. My kitchen situation is only half set up, for one thing. I have less counter and storage space in the new place, so I’m still trying to find a home for everything. It’s not that the kitchen is tiny, exactly. It’s quite reasonably sized. I was just incredibly spoiled in our Jersey City apartment, […]