Thymeline 02 | Feast In Thyme

Thymeline 02

This week was pretty rough in our household. I’ll spare you the details, but between my knee injury continuing to keep me off my feet and both Sam and I coming down with the flu one after the other, it hasn’t been easy. I’m still recovering, but I managed to come out of my illness haze long enough to pull together some links for you. Hope you enjoy, and have a great (and healthy) Valentine’s Day tomorrow – we can all use the excuse to spread some love.   Speaking of the holiday, I found The Dark Origins of Valentine’s Day amusing and […]

Valentine's Day Recipe Round-Up | Feast In Thyme

Valentine’s Day Recipe Round-Up

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Whether it’s baking heart-shaped cookies with your family and friends or an excuse to buy that expensive bottle of wine to share with your significant other, it’s a wonderfully sappy holiday to celebrate with food. When I hurt my knee, I had to scrap many of my original recipe tests for the upcoming weeks. I might not be able to test any new Valentine’s themed recipes myself, but I thought I’d share these delicious recipes from across the web instead. Take a look – I hope one (or more!) inspire you to give the […]

Dumpling Galaxy Cookbook Review | Feast In Thyme

The Dumpling Galaxy | A Cookbook Review

Food plays such an important role in our memories of the past. I’m sure you have this experience with a flavor or meal – a type of cake your mother makes you for special occasions; the taste of a street food from a trip to someplace faraway and exotic; a special dinner you only eat on certain holidays or for special occasions. Helen You describes dumplings as one such food from her childhood, and in 2014 she turned that love into the restaurant Dumpling Galaxy in Flushing, New York. Just last month, she released her first cookbook of the same […]

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Thymeline 01

Welcome to Thymeline, a new semi-weekly series where I post updates on my life and goings-on and a list of my favorite links from around the web. I always run into things I’d like to share, so I figure this is the best way to do it! *** Like much of the country, yesterday we celebrated Super Bowl Sunday! It was our very first tiny get-together in the new apartment, and my husband and I have been looking forward to it for months. We briefly debated cancelling after my knee injury, but we decided to go through with it. We knew the small […]